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KAWAI Grade Examination 2019

Last date of enrollments:

Examination date: (Sunday)

27th December

27th January

24th January

24th February

28th February

31st March

28th March

28th April

26th April

26th May

30th May

30th June

25th July

25th August

29th August

29th September

27th September

27th October

24th October

24th November

29th November

29th December

* Please note that entries cannot be accepted after the last date of entry.
**All exam days are on Sunday start after 3pm.

Examination Fees (New 2019-2020)

Prep 1-2 (Hello Music 1-2)

Exam Piece

Hello Grade 1 (Hello 1)

The Frog Song

Hello Grade 2 (Hello 2)

Flying Fish

Grade 16-14 Beginner

Exam Piece(s)

Grade 16 (Sound Tree 1A)

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Grade 15 (Sound Tree 1B or J-Step 3)


On the Bridge (with D.C.)

Grade 14 (Sound Tree 2 or J-Step 6)

Silent the Night

I’m a Mountain Musician (No repeat)

Grade 13-10 Foundation

Exam Pieces

Grade 13 (Sound Tree 3A)

Dance (with repeat and D.C.)

Pleasant Breeze

Grade 12 (Sound Tree 3B)

Minuet (No repeat)

The Mermaid Song (No repeat)

Grade 11 (Sound Tree 4A)

The Lark

Dance Slave

Grade 10 (Sound Tree 4B)

There was a Jolly Miller


Grade 9-7 Intermediate

Exam Pieces

Grade  9 (Sound Tree 5A)

Will be announced

Grade  8 (Sound Tree 5B)

Grade  7 (Sound Tree 6)